Beaute La Royale Introduces Free Shipping Offer


(Houston, TX)— Beaute La Royale, a health and beauty company providing high-quality beauty tools and products, has announced their free shipping offer. Right now, anyone living in one of the 50 U.S. states can purchase merchandise from the Derma Roller online store without having to pay shipping and handling fees. Those who would like to take advantage of the opportunity to get a Derma Roller product with the significant cost savings that come with this free shipping special can log on to

Shwan Abdulmajid, a representative of Beaute La Royale, stated “One of the things that our team prides itself on is the fact that we’ve created and launched a micro-needling skin regeneration tool that promises to give the same results at home as a person would get when they visit a skincare spa or dermatologist’s office. We love this because it saves our customers a great deal of money on the fees they would be paying for outside services. While our product already helps them keep more money in their pockets, offering free shipping is just another way that we are lowering the cost of achieving amazing skin.”

At customers who would like to purchase a Derma Roller product can get more details on the company’s free shipping policies as well as their satisfaction guarantees. In addition to free shipping on all U.S. orders, Derma Roller buyers will enjoy a lifetime warranty on all products as well as easy, hassle-free 365-day returns.

As Abdulmajid goes on to say, “Our company operates each and every day with a commitment to total customer satisfaction and an easy buying experience. We see this free shipping offer as an opportunity to serve our customers well and create an even more streamlined avenue to getting what they want most – clear, beautiful skin without having to pay the high price to see a professional.”

More information about Derma Roller as well as information about their free shipping offer are available at

About Beaute La Royale:

Beaute La Royale is responsible for the creation of Royal Derma Roller, derma rollers have been featured on many TV shows for its amazing results. As a micro-needle skin regeneration tool, Royal Derma Roller gives buyers the possibility of getting the same results in the privacy of their own home for a lower price compared to the fees that spas and dermatologists charge. With the promise of stunning results and a commitment to guaranteed satisfaction, the team at Beaute La Royale hopes to create success stories for those seeking flawless skin.


Sports Television: More Than Bats and Balls

When one thinks of sports television, one might picture a family or a group of friends catching highlights of last night’s basketball game on ESPN or watching football through an NFL Sunday ticket package. However, with the proliferation of satellite TV, ESPN and other similar channels are now showing billiards, poker, and other events that may not necessarily involve what is traditionally conceived as athletic ability. Can we really call these programs “sports television”?

Take poker, for example. Poker programs appear on the Game Show Network as well as on ESPN and other “traditional” sports stations. In the last ten years, the popularity of poker has increased dramatically, with poker rooms opening at casinos and more and more people learning to play this exciting game. Major poker tournaments are regularly shown on cable television, and to many people professional poker players are as recognizable as any other athlete. In some countries, there are even entire TV channels devoted to poker. But can playing poker actually be called a “sport?”

Can something be called a sport just for the reason that it involves athletic activity? If so, what about yoga? This is something that clearly involves athletic activity, but is not likely to be thought of as a “sport.” And do golf or bowling, which many people think of as sports, really require enough athletic prowess to be considered a similar activity to football or basketball?

Is something a sport if it involves competition? Clearly part of the thrill of watching sports on television is the suspense of not knowing whether your team, or your friend’s team, is going to triumph. However, if competition is the only element of the definition of “sport,” then one could easily classify something like Scrabble as a sport. Professional Scrabble players participate in tournaments around the world with intense competition. Professional video gamers do the same. On the flip side of this argument, what about activities that are clearly athletic, but whose results are not really compared against those of other people, such as a person training themselves to run a charity ten-kilometer race?

Is it the element of watching an activity that makes it a sport? This too seems inadequate to describe what is or is not a sport, since one can argue that if watching something makes it a sport, then live theater or performances by street mimes could be sports as well. So, what makes a sport? Sports more than anything else seem to be part of our shared culture. Maybe more than anything else, it is how sports bring people together that really sets them apart from the other activities people might engage in. This seems to be one thing that rings true among all the activities currently shown on various sports networks available today.

Water Sports in Protaras Cyprus

The water sports in Protaras Cyprus are plenty and varied with something on offer for water lovers of all ages to enjoy. Whether you prefer something relaxed and unhurried or you are one of those “feel the fear” nutters there will be some kind of seaborne activity to quench your appetite for thrills and spills. There are several water sports stations spread out along the main municipal beach plus one within the Fig Tree bay area too if you prefer that area for your sun sea and sand holiday.

The fabulous beach at Konnos Bay also has excellent facilities too including self drive power boat hire that you can pay for by the hour or even the whole day. This is a great idea for groups or families looking for a few hours out on the open sea. You could anchor up in the bay for a spot of swimming or snorkeling in the beautiful warm and crystal clear waters that the bay is so famous for. Further along the coast at Cape Greko or Kavo Greko as the area is also known are many small bays that are only accessible from the sea so you could take a cool box and have a picnic lunch as well.

Water sports in Protaras Cyprus are amongst some of the best along the East coast with all the usual activities you would expect from a major holiday resort. You could try your hand at some water skiing behind a power boat or you and your partner could soar into the clear blue summer skies on a parachute for a birds eye view of this beautiful resort. For the more energetic there are several “banana boat” type rides where you are towed at high speed on a large inflatable log whilst the driver of the boat does his best to bounce the passengers off into the sea.

There is of course a whole lot more to water sports in Protaras Cyprus including the amazing experience of scuba diving. There are several dive centres on and around the resort that offer all kinds of dives from total beginners to ship wreck exploration dives on some famous Cyprus wrecks including the Zenobia. In 2009 an old ship was actually deliberately sunk off the islands coast for the sole purpose of providing an exciting dive site. Many of the diving schools are invited into the hotel complexes to give visitors a chance to try before they buy in the hotels pools.

There you go then, you have no excuse to ever complain that you are bored with sun bathing and that there is nothing else for you to do. The facilities are reasonably priced and most vendors cater for enthusiast of all ages or levels of ability. The beaches on the resort are ideal for bathing thanks to the shallow sandy bays which makes them perfect for families with younger children too. The younger kids won’t feel left out either because there are lots of pedleos for hire some with water slides on the back and even some of those quirky little hover boats too. So if you are looking for a fun filled holiday of sun sand and sea remember to check out the water sports in Protaras Cyprus.